Saturday, April 11, 2009

Leadership- Winston Churchill

So this weekend I am suppose to type a seven to ten page paper on why I feel like Winston Churchill fits my method of leadership. This is a group project but i decided that I would be the one to type the paper. Why would I volunteer? I am pretty sure that I was not thinking at the time that I told the other two members in my group that I would.

So here I am sitting here at 1:29 in the morning wondering where should I start? I guess I could start by telling a little bit about his life growing up and maybe what inspired him to become so great. I have to have ten sources and at least six of them have to be pretty consistent through the paper.


1.) Statement of direction.
What is the purpose of my paper?
2.) The growing up of Winston Churchill
What are some events in which I can cover that best describe him as an adult?

... I need some ideas. The paper has to be written in APA. This is funny because in High School all they taught me to write was MLA format. I have only used MLA once in my two years in college.

Personal Bible Study #1

I am venturing into a love relationship with Jesus Christ. I want it to be bigger than me and bigger than I could ever dream. In an effort to be more committed I am posting my personal encounters with God so that all may know and hopefully see the evidence of Christ in my life.

Personal Bible Study #1

Galatians 2

Paul might have spent fourteen years preparing for his ministry. This preparation period included time alone with God, as well as time conferring with other Christians. Often new Christians in their zeal wanting to begin full time ministry without investing the necessary time studying the Bible and learning from qualified leaders.


"We need not wait to share Christ with our friends, but we may need preparation before embarking on a special ministry. Whether volunteered or paid. While we wait on God's timing we must study, learn and grow.

Paul goes in response to a revelation. God appeared to Paul and told him to go and talk to those in Jerusalem and tell them that salvation is for everyone.

Confutation in the Faith- Paul vs. Peter and all the Jews

Immediately Paul confronts the issue "I opposed him to his face... because he was clearly in the wrong."

The argument 1 on 1

Peter: "You must be saved through Christ bu you must also follow all the laws."

Paul: "You must be saved through Christ."

Paul's argument against peter is that he has been proclaiming that Christ is not enough to save you from your sins.

Christ is all you need!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What I want in life...

There are several things that I want in life...

1.) I truly have a desire to live my life for Jesus Christ.

I want to be effective in sharing Jesus to others and over the past year it seems that I have really struggled with this. I truly want to be a vessel for Jesus Christ and live my life selflessly for him.

2.) I really want to be married and live with my spouse.

I want to enjoy moments that are unforgettable. I want to look forward to coming home from and just hanging out. I want to be able to save money for certain things and buy them together. I want to be able to do things for other people and see God work through us. Hosting a small group in my home would be amazing! I want to be so in love with each other that we would have no desire to fight or argue. I want my spouse to appreciate me and listen to me no matter if I am struggling in the word or not. I want her to be submissive and always ready to do random things. I want to go on vacations and do fun things.

3.) I want to have a great job and career in the IT field that I look forward to waking up and heading to everyday. I want health benefits that will cover me and help with my family.

I want to work on computers enough during the day that when I come home I really won't have a desire to do it at home; however, if i do desire to do it at home some I want my wife to understand. I want to be able to have a hobby other than working all day long. Just because I do computers for my job should not limit me to having them as a hobby. For instance my own small business could be part of my hobby or it could be a way to bring in some more money. There are going to be times though that I am going to want to do things for fun aside from my own small company.

4.) I want a family.

After a few years of marriage I want to have kids. How many I do not know but what I do know is that I love kids. I want to be sure that I can provide for them and be able to spend time with them. I want to go camping a lot and enjoy the weekends that we will have as a family. I want my children to know that their daddy loves them and is always looking out for their best! I want to cuddle with them and watch their favorite movies and read them their favorite stories. I want to be able to tuck them in most nights and read them a story as they dose off to sleep. I want to be the traditional family that loads up on Sunday mornings and heads off to to church.

5.) I want friends that care.

I want to have friends that would do anything for me. I want them to come hang out with me and my wife. I want married friends as well! Couples that would come over and watch movies with us and play games. (Marbles)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The blessing of a Godly family!

I sit here thinking about all the things that I have to be thankful for and the biggest thing that comes to my mind beside my savior is my family. They have always been supportive in my decisions and the directions that I feel that God is moving me. All through out my life I have seen God's hand touch my life in a way that I can never forget it. No matter what step I have taken next in my life God has always laid the foundation and provided for me. So as I sit here being a college student in awe of the life that God has given me I am thankful for a Savior that has seen that I have searched for him and he has made my paths clear. Without the love and direction of my heavenly father I would be lost and not sure of what my next step that I should take. I have my family to thank as well for helping me put complete faith in him. My wonderful parents have raised me to understand that apart from Christ i have nothing and with him I have everything.

I honestly believe that Christ rewards those who are faithful to him and are willing to live their lives for him. I can see these rewards all through out my life but my most recent blessing is a girl named Shelly. Shelly has been such a great inspiration to me and has encouraged me to seek the father more than I could have ever thought. She has so much zeal for the Lord and when her face lights up with the glory of God I just melt. She is more than I could have ever asked for and I honestly believe that it is because we have been faithful to him that he has brought us together. She will tell you the same things that I have already mentioned. She has been raised by a loving family that was in love with God. She was seeking God with all her heart when she ran into me and together we desire to serve him with everything we have. If we have to give up everything we know and have to serve him then we are more than willing to do so. So on this Christmas night in December we ask that you pray for us and that God will use us more than ever for his glory and not our own!

In Him,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In for the night...

Today has been a pretty good day! I would say that this week has been pretty balanced out for me because I have had one final a day until today. Today I had one in Foundations In Digital Editing and then I had one in Computer Graphics tonight. I think they went pretty well! I was talking to my buddy Phillip yesterday and he said that its depressing because he can look out his window and see people packing up and heading home. I wish that was the case for me but all I have is one more day of school and then the next day I am headed home myself.

Tomorrow I have an Old Testament final and a Gateway final but the only one that I am worried about is the Old Testament final. Hopefully it goes well because I sure do need all the points that I can get in that class.

I went to bed at five and hoped to wake up at seven so I could finish my music video but I slept through my alarm and woke up at eight. I hopped out of bed and grabbed my laptop and started editing again. Keep in mind that the only footage I had before last night was the footage getting out of bed and sitting on the couch. So I filmed all the music stuff last night thanks to Ben who was a big help in holding the camera for me. Ok ok... I need to give a little credit to Michael who also helped me film. So anyways... I edited and submitted the video at like ten which was thirty min. before it was due.

I told Shell that I would meet up with her and pray with her before we went and started finals. So if you have ever seen my campus it is a little walk from my Dorm to the Cathedral. It was well worth it because she is worth it. We had a great time of prayer and talking! It is moments like that I cherish because when we talk about God and his greatness it just makes me so excited. Then we split ways and went to take our finals. We had our last final of the day together in computer graphics and then we went to the Admissions building for a pizza party. It was so fun because there was ton of pizza and they had a soda fountain there. Then we headed back to her dorm and hung out for a little bit (Not to long... I Promise). For a longtime for Shell and I is a lot longer than yours! lol... anyways... I am back in my dorm just listening to Jars of Clay.

I have to start cleaning my room because they will not let me leave until it is completely clean!!!


Music Video Away!!

Well, it seems that the life of a digital media major is one that has frequent late nights. Last night I got about three hours of sleep. The late night almost costed me a dorm building when puffs of smoke started coming from the pizza that Ben dropped into the bottom of the stove. We had two pizzas in the oven and we were only able to get one out first because of the amount of smoke that was building up in the oven. It was pretty intense!

I am sitting in my digital media class watching our Final videos and it feels so good to be done with this class. I really didn't like it because it challenging what I already know. Why not challenge something I just learned and not something that I have been doing for seven or so years. Anyways... I do not recommend the class even though it is required for my major.
Here is the video below that I did for my class.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thinking About Christmas!

It is after dinner and I am sitting in my dorm room thinking about this amazing awesome music video that I am suppose to be making. Needless to say that I have not got any further on it since my last post. For my foundations in digital editing class we can either edit a music video or we can make a sports edit reel. I am think since I already have a bunch of sports footage from this summer I could very easily just edit to music. So I am still deciding what I really want to do. If you are bored you should check out the original music video "Flood" from Jars of Clay on YouTube. It is so old and cheesy so anything that I do could only look better than the original.

So I have been thinking about Christmas and some things that I would not mind having. This list by no means is something I want people to buy. Just something to look and think of the many adventures with them.

1.) Dell Laptop Backpack (It needs to look cool).
2.) 22'' Widescreen Monitor (Dell if possible)
3.) PowerEdge Dell Server
4.) 1000 ft. of Ethernet Cable with Crimping tools.
5.) Nice USB-Wireless Mouse (,en)
6.) 2X 2GB DDR2 RAM (For Dell Desktop)
7.) 1.5 Terabyte Drive